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    Organization Charts- edits, interaction, simplification


      I am trying to find a simpler way to maintain and edit our org charts. I have two parts to this question:


      1. Is there an easy way to create an org chart and update the info without always redrawing boxes and lines? I'm think of something like a data merge but I don't know if that would work for an org chart because of the set up.

      2. Is there a way to make my org chart interactive? In total we have 4 org chart documents, the information is all the same but based on the office org chart you are on, different boxes are highlight. Currently I have 4 different pages in one document and have to update each page I make an edit. Just looking for an easier way to do this- if possible.


      Any suggestions to tackle these problems would be great! I really am just looking for ways to make this process simpler. Thanks!