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    An invalid application ID or secret was specified

    dorians29833833 Level 1



      We have integrated the EchoSign REST API v2 using a developer account, and everything was working fine. But when we finally switched to our paid account, the request to obtain a token (https://api.echosign.com/api/rest/v2/auth/tokens) keeps returning error 401 - INVALID_APP: An invalid application ID or secret was specified.


      I can confirm I already changed the API key, App secret and App ID. I also tried creating a new Application, and it's failing with that one too.


      The paid account is already integrated in an older system using the SOAP API, which is working for a long time. But we want to replace that system with the new one, and I got stuck with this issue.


      Can someone please advise? Am I missing some sort of setting somewhere?

      Please let me know what kind of information is relevant for this issue and I will provide it.


      Thank you,