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    Can't import iPhone pics to LR


      Hello all;


      I'm having some difficulty with LR here and was looking for some help.


      I've just installed LR on my PC and the app on both my iPhone and iPad and synced the photo's on my phone's camera roll to the app on the phone.


      It was my understanding that in doing this, my pictures would be synced across all three devices, but this seems not to have been the case, although it appears that all of the pic's from my phone's camera roll have successfully been synced to LR on my phone but not on the app on my iPad, the iPad version has synced some of them but not all and has also managed to get some that I've deleted, oddly.


      After a quick Google, I opted to plug my phone into the computer and import directly to LR from there but the pics shown in the import dialog just don't correspond with what's actually on the phone and there's loads missing - I have some 500 odd pic's on my phone, yet only 70 or so show in the import dialog.


      Can anyone shed some light on this please as I want to delete the pictures from my phone and have them in LR instead.


      Also, if I delete them from my camera roll on my phone, will they also go from LR on my phone?


      Thanks in advance,




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