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    swf works fine from CD, but when copied onto hard drive it shows empty screen

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      I have a catalogue of swf which itself is a Windows projector of a FLA file
      (i.e. an EXE)
      This EXE contains icons (which are imported JPEG files) , and when an icon
      is clicked, a relevant swf is loaded using loadMovieNum()
      It was working fine on several computers so far until this week it failed
      the same way on two different notebooks, both runnng XP.
      As always I copied a folder with the EXE and relevant swf onto these
      The EXE runs OK, but when an icon is clicked, it shows an empty screen. I
      thought that theere might be some necessary applications were missing in
      these XP installations. But the most puzzling thing is that if I run the EXE
      from a memory stick or from CD, it works fine on both computers! The CD has
      only the EXE and swf and no other files on it. Both EXE and the swf run
      standalone and do not use external files

      What might be the explanations?