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    Import preview versus imported quality image

    pbphotographie Level 1

      I do not know how to name this problem.

      I was about to import images (Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB - works very well) and the preview looked very good. Very much like what I was expected. As soon as the image was imported, it was way too dark and contrasty. To be able to used the image like it looked like in the preview of the import section, I had to leave LR and save the image directly on my computer as a .TIFF file and re-import them in Lightroom after.

      Someone has any ideas what could cause this?

      I am using LR 5.7.1

      If anyone has ANY ideas, I would love to hear them!


      So, this is BEFORE the import in the PREVIEW window.

      LR import preview.jpg

      And this is AFTER the import.

      LR after import.jpg