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    I keep getting this font error


      After Effects Warning:  A layer is missing dependecies

      Text Layer: Font Family "BabasNeue", font style: "Regular"


      But I've loaded this font and I know it's loaded  What gives to make sure I can fix this?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6


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            Kinetogenic Level 1

            I have had this issue several times in the past - it seems that sometimes there are different versions of the same font floating around that Adobe applications (and I presume other applications) don't detect as the same font.  Look in your list of installed fonts within AE and see if it shows up there.  If it does, its not pretty, but I've found it easier just to go through any layers looking for that font and manually change them to the one you have installed.  You can use the dependencies>find missing fonts function to locate them quickly.  Double check that the results actually look the same by doing a difference to an existing render if possible. Then make sure to keep a copy of that exact font file along with the project archive so you don't have to deal with it again in the future.  The other option is to find whatever machine or person had worked on the project last, and see if you can grab the version of the font from their machine and transfer it to the one you are working on.

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              rbyond Level 1

              This Did the Trick.. Found everything correctly and now I'm in Business.... Thanks for the Help!