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    Scrolling through presets with arrow keys



      Has anyone else wish that there is a capability to scroll through hundreds of presets with just a touch of up and down arrow keys?

      I am so sick of using a mouse to trying out each presets to see which one I like the best for my photos.

      My hands get really sore after a while!

      I did find this thing called Lightroom Preset Jumper plug-in on YouTube, but it's for Windows users only.

      It would be great if Adobe just makes this a part of next update.

      Or...if anyone know there is actually a hidden shortcut for this, please let me know!!!

      Thank you!

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          Unfortunately, LR doesn't have that capability, and there is no hidden shortcut or possibility of a shortcut builtin.


          Note that using your mouse to click on each preset is dangerous -- it actually applies the preset, and clicking on the next preset may not undo all the effects of the previous preset.  For example, if you click on a preset that applies Exposure, and then you click on a different preset that doesn't apply Exposure, you'll be left with the Exposure of the first preset and all the other settings of the second preset.


          You can safely use your mouse to hover over a preset and see its effect in the small navigator window above.  That's quick, but many people find it unsatisfactory.


          The Any Preset plugin lets you use the cursor keys to quickly preview many presets on a full-size Develop or Loupe image. 


          If you want to see this functionality built-in to LR, please add your vote and opinion to this topic in the official Adobe feedback forum: Lightroom: Ability to browse the presets and see its effects with the up and down keys. (This forum here is a user-to-user forum in which Adobe rarely participates.)