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    Advice on fastest HDD's for storing media files

    msp1518 Level 1

      I have been trying to find information about which hard drive to add to my system but Google is SSD crazy and articles I find are now completely outdated.


      My OS drive is a brand new Samsung 850 Pro SSD so that's not what I seek. I am trying to find out what are the fastest physical hard drives available today for storing media files. Not my Scratch disc for rendered files. I need a new HDD that to store the raw footage PP will draw from in the non-linear editing process.


      My current old Samsung 1TB Spinpoints are a bottleneck, making it impossible to preview at full rez with DSLR (and sometimes even half).


      A few years ago the WD Velociraptors would be king and I'd just go for one, but I am reading modern WD Black 7200rpm drives are faster than the 300, 500 and 600 GB raptor drives and maybe even the current 1TB raptor.


      So on a budget of $140 max what are my possibilities? I tend to edit really small stuff so I don't need terabytes and terabytes of space right now. 500GB to 1TB will do for now.


      I am happy to make a RAID 0 to speed things up if I can snag two drives. I just don't know what drives I should look at.


      For my max of $140 I can snag the VelociRaptor WD5000HHTZ 500GB. But that is old technology so is it fast?


      For that price I can buy two Western Digital WD1003FZEX drives. These are the newest WD's from what I can find. But some say the 2TB model is actually faster! Many argue about it. So which to buy?


      And then I read about the Seagate SSHD ST2000DX001, which is less than $100 and supposedly fast, but I am unsure how this would perform in non-linear editing.


      Last thing to add... I will have two 300GB WD Velocirators this weekend. These are wiped drives that fully check out. Zero bad sectors. Now the 300gb versions date back many years and only have 16mb of cache, but in a RAID 0 shouldn't they perform far better than my old Samsung Spinpoints as far as Premiere reading my audio/video files?


      I would love some advice. My MB is an ASUS Z97 Pro Wifi USB3.1 and I would be using the Intel 6GB/S SATA ports and the Intel RAID controller (Intel's raid controllers have never let me down).



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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          $140 is going to limit your options, im going to suggest two options, a little over that price.


          1) 500gb ssd for $150-$180. transfer speeds around 400-500mbps. samsung 850 evo would be best budget option.


          2) 2 x 2tb hdd in raid 0 using the mbd intel raid controller. $160-$180. 200-300mbps. i like WD as a brand, but their black drives benchmark a little slower than the others. you can look at the toshiba or seagates for a little better performance. seagate has some of the worst failure rates on their 3tb hdd's, so stay away from those ones if going 3tb. dont bother with the sshd's either.


          you can try the 2x 300GB WD Velocirators in raid 0 first before buying anything, to see if thats enough speed. those should be a bit slower than the new 2tb hdd's, guessing 150-220mbps. they may be close to the same speed as the samsung spinpoints.

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            msp1518 Level 1

            I can't really go over my budget at this point. I just spent all I had upgrading my system so I have to take some baby steps for a few things. At the end of the year i will buy anew graphics card and HDD's.


            Seagate 3TB is terrifying. The net is ablaze on the failure rates.


            I have looked at Toshibas but apparently there is an issue in regards to their not working well with the SATA Express connectors on the newer ASUS mb's. I have a brand new Z97 Pro and it's ports 5 & 6 (the SATA Express) that will be in use so... I won't risk going Toshiba.


            So $140 is my MAX right now. I want to get what I can for now that beats my old 1TB Spinpoints. Perhaps I should just format them and place them in a RAID 0 and see if I can increase their speed. I would just have to keep up on my back-ups.

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              yeah, thats a tough call. just not alot can do with $140, a bit out of price range for better than what you already have. the two spinpoints in raid should help speed them up, so raiding them or the WD velociraptors may be worth trying. it may at least hold you over till you can upgrade later. ssd price's should continue their decline, so at the end of the year, might find 500gb ssd closer to $100.

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                JFPhoton Level 3

                Well, recently the 1 TB Seagate Barracudas were on sale for $44 each...now $49 at New Egg. Two of them in a RAID 0 may get you by for now ONLY if you get ANOTHER 2TB Enterprise level HDD to back up that RAID with confidence. THAT 2 TB drive is $135.  Total = $ 235 for 2 TB of backed up data....RAID running at ~  220 to 250 MB/sec   http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178296


                OR,  just get a Crucial MX 200 SSD, 500 GB for $ 199 at New Egg or B & H....performance very close to your Samsung Pro 850 at less cost.....use this drive for "working" to achieve performance, placing working media files on it along with project files and all cache files and previews.  Existing spinpoints can be used to archive, back up and primary storage.


                Then, visit the PPBM8.com website to test your machine with the video benchmark...it will reveal any bottlenecks ,or, performance issues.

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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



                  The website is PPBM7.com, and it now has PPBM6, 7, 8, and 9 benchmark files all in one download



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                    msp1518 Level 1

                    Thanks for that. I am going to DL and give it a shot.


                    I should update this thread on what I have done. For my main system I have purchased two 1TB WD VelociRaptors that were lightly used. Add up the hours and it comes out to around 52 days of use for each. Warranties are valid for 4.5 years so I should be a-okay. Always "But the Seller" and in this case the seller is tops. I'll use these in a RAID 0 as my file source drives and just be more diligent in backing up to my NAS (as well as the 3TB Green drive I have for a second backup of my project files).


                    Meanwhile I have installed two 300GB VelociRaptors in my Shuttle XPC build in a RAID 0 (Win7 on an Intel SSD) and holy crapper are they fast. Read/Write is blazing compared to a single 7200rpm drive. It wasn't easy fitting so many drives in a tiny Shuttle, but I was able to make it work. I'll have to keep up on my backups, of course.

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                      Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                      I would bet that if your systems have good USB 3.0 ports that one Patriot Supersonic Magnum USB 3.0 device will outperform your RAID 0 Velociraptors