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    How to stop narration turning itself off after end of video track?

    Stark Zodiark

      Hi everyone.


      As the title says, how can I disable this nonsensical "feature"? This single breaking issue literally makes the software unusable for me.


      I've combed the options panel and found nothing obvious. I've also combed the internet only to find this: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-elements/using/create-narrations.html , which mentioned:


      When you finish narrating, click the Stop button.

      An audio clip containing your narration is added to the Project Assets panel and to the Narration track in the Quick view timeline or the Expert view timeline (below the selected clip).


      If you do not click the Stop button, recording automatically stops at the beginning of the next file in the Narration track, or 30 seconds past the end of the last clip in the Quick view timeline or the Expert view timeline.


      Really? Did I misread something or is this software truly broken by design? Has the design team ever considered a user might want to narrate first and extend the video to the narration afterwards? Is there a way at all to disable this breaking "feature" or to get a refund if not?


      Thanks in advance.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Stark Zodiark


          Just in case mention. This is not Adobe. Rather user to user. The frequency of the Adobe presence in this forum is undefined.


          By the nature of your question, I will give you the return/refund information first....

          If you purchased Premiere Elements 13 from Adobe as a download within the last 30 days, you can request a return/refund from it. Please refer to the following link.

          Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order


          You could also go another route (probably takes you to the same place) Adobe Chat Orders.

          Contact Customer Care

          Premiere Elements

          Membership, Account, Payment

          Payments, Invoices, Order

          Adobe Chat


          Now to your question.

          Please refer to ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Narration Recording Stops After 30 Seconds

          which I wrote in 2013. It applied then and applies today 2015 for Premiere Elements 13/13.1.

          content is required on either a video track, an audio track, or the Soundtrack to avoid the"Narration Recording Stops After 30 Seconds" situation.


          The details related to this situation are included in the blog post whose link appears above.


          There is an Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Form that you might want to file with Adobe. The workaround is as described in the blog post. I have not found (nor seen reports from users saying they have found) a way to change this narration requirement other than what I have described in my blog post.




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            Stark Zodiark Level 1

            A.T. Romano

            Many thanks for your kind attention.

            I've read your post and understand the workaround. I understand nothing stops from me using good old windows sound recorder and then drag the output file into Premiere. And I would do exactly that if Premiere didn't support narration in the first place. Yet that's exactly the point. It allegedly does, or at least, it claims to. Yet claiming this is a feature is like telling me I can run a marathon if I just use this shiny golden set of broken crutches. Hmm...

            Sigh. Broken by design, after these many releases, on top of the already dreadful experience of constant, reliable crashes every few minutes of editing, on high end hardware nonetheless, where everything else runs perfect. I haven't seen such unreliable software since the old times of Windows Millennium Edition. If Adobe can't fixed such a simple thing after so long, there's no hope for all the other actual bugs in the software.

            Anyway, many thanks for the help again.

            I'm personally heading for the refund as I've lost all good will towards this after weeks of bad user experience.