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    ADE 4.03 help


      I was trying to download a book from my library to use with my Nook Glowlight.  It is the first time I've tried this on a new computer and it prompted me to update ADE, which I did, to 4.03.  When I open the app there are no bookshelves and my book wasn't there.  I downloaded the book again and chose "open in ADE" and it opened,but as soon as I closed the book to go to the library, it disappeared again.  I added some bookshelves and closed the app.  When I opened it again, they were all gone again.  When I try to add books I own with the "add item" I get the error that they are already in my library. 


      Additionally, when I closed the app and connected my Nook and reopened the app, it crashes whenever I try to do anything at all.