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    Could not update flash player. Keeps freezing at 5%


      Running a Toshiba Satellite with 64 bit. Fireefox user.


      Kept having freezing issues, so went to update. Adobe both out of date. Shockwave and Flash. Shockwave no problem to  download. Flash player keeps failing. So did a full uninstall, no no matter if I try to install from the site, or in safe (offline) mode. It starts installing, reaches 5% then freezes up. I click the finish button, then the site tells me it failed to install. Tried everything from the "help" guide. Read through other user's issues for over 3 hours. Only one other had the 5% problem and nobody answered it. So now I am making a discussion to ask how to fix this issue. I have a business online and sort of need Adobe to work. Is there a way to bypass and direct upload, or force boot it? Is there other issues Adobe hasn't fixed? This is effecting my business now. As my screen name says, VERYUNHAPPYUSER!