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    Dynamic Dropdowns/Requerying Table

      Okay, this is just a general question as I don't really have any code figured out yet. Basically, I am doing an application for the Fitness Center on the the campus I work. Users will be able to reserve pieces of the equipment via the application. So, we have the user selecting a time from one drop down. Then, we have to requery the table where the equipment resides to show what pieces of equipment are available at that specific time in the next drop down. The user will then choose the piece of equipment and then submit. I see that js and flash can be used for dynamic drop downs, however, I haven't seen anywhere that explained how to go back to the table to show items that still available or anything like that. I am guessing we will have to refresh the page, but that is not a big deal. Just curious how to get started and how to think of this. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks much in advance for your help...