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    Fullscreen video in projector

    Emil_RT Level 1

      Are buildning a stand-alone flash application CD-ROM use.
      The application contains video (720*405) and i want it to be able to play fullscreen.

      I've seen a few scripts for this but as I can see the basic idea is to manually resize the video (no command for fullscreen).

      I use these lines;

      myVideo.maintainAspectRatio = true;
      myVideo.setSize(System.capabilities.screenResolutionX,System.capabilities.screenResolutio nY);

      The result is full width and almost full height (I have 4:3 monitor). I want to maintain aspectratio ...

      I also want the space on top and on the bottom to be black so I create 2 moviclips and fill them with a black box.

      My question is if this is the best/most optimal way. I quess it demands a lot of CPU and memory. Have read that Jugglor handles the cashing problems, is that true?