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    Alternate RAM Preview. Please revitalize it.

    ek_4 Level 1

      I used to go into Preferences and extend the time of the Alt RAM Preview tool to be roughly 50 frames. And then I’d use it all the time when doing adjustments to small parts of an animation or when tweaking effects. It’s such a timesaver when doing small adjustments. Holding down Alt and clicking Numpad0 is so quick and easy, compared to adjusting the Work Area or rendering from Current time (The problem with “Render from Current Time” is that you often just want to see a few frames. And if you stop the preview and want to see it again, you have to render some more. And then some more, and more hehe. Of course you could always Purge to shorten it again).

      I know, we’re not talking about minutes of differences in time spent. But when you work 8-12 hour days, 5+ times a week, cutting those small corners speeds things up a lot.


      Together with other Keyboard Shortcuts for adjusting layers and moving around on the timeline it’s such a smooth way of working. Which also limits the time spent using the mouse. And in the same process I, quite often, use the late Ping Pong loop (so I wouldn’t mind seeing that return to my tool box either).


      So yeah, please give me back my Alt RAM Preview :-)


      Other than that, thank you. And I’m looking forward to exploring CC 2015.