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    Script OK in FM12/13, not in FM10/11

    K.Daube Level 2

      Dear friends and experts,

      I can run without problems any of my installed FMs (6 ... 13). The last installed was FM 13 aka 2015.

      In all FMs since version 10 I can run scripts - but have no clue which ESTK they are using.

      On drive C I find ExtendScript Toolkit CS4, ...CS5 and ...CS6. They have been installed with the various FMs

      When testing my script (developing in FM12) in FM 10 or 11 I get an error on line 11: undefined is not an object

      Which cure might be necessary to run the script also in older FMs?

      function CreateBibDoc () {
      // ----------------------------------------------- create new doc from template and fill it
      // returns created doc in function
        giLvlTrace += 1; ZTrace ("CreateBibDoc");
        var j, uniqueCitations= [], nUnique, nItems, insText, newDoc, pgf, textloc, j; 
        var writeFile = GetDocPath () + gsCollectFile; 
      // create array of unique citations and place them in the doc
        uniqueCitations = SortUnique (gasFndCitations);
        nUnique= uniqueCitations.length;
      // createa new file 
        newDoc = OpenTemplate ();             // FM-10/11 error FM-12/13 OK
        pgf = newDoc.MainFlowInDoc.FirstTextFrameInFlow.FirstPgf;  // get first pgf in flow
        for (j = 0; j < nUnique; j += 1) {
          textLoc = new TextLoc (pgf, 0);  
          insText = uniqueCitations[j];
          newDoc.AddText (textLoc, "[["+insText+"]]"+ "\x08" + "{"+insText+"}"); // \t inserts a NL...
         if (j < nUnique -1){
          pgf = newDoc.NewSeriesPgf(pgf);               // add a paragraph 
        giLvlTrace -= 1;
        return newDoc;
      } // --- end CreateBibDoc
      function OpenTemplate () {
      // ----------------------------------------------- Open template file
      // return the Open file in the function
        giLvlTrace += 1; ZTrace ("OpenTemplate");
        var tplDir, tplFile, openParams, openReturnParams, oFile; 
        tplDir = GetScriptPath (); 
        tplFile = tplDir + "\\" + gsTemplate; 
      //  oFile = SimpleOpen (tplFile, true); // Opens the dir of the active document
        openParams = GetTplParams ();  
        openReturnParams =  new PropVals();  
        oFile = Open (tplFile, openParams, openReturnParams);  
        giLvlTrace -= 1;
        return oFile;
      } // --- end OpenTemplate
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          rombanks Level 1

          Hi Klaus,


          I usually get this error when trying to run a script while it's open in ESTK and "Extendscript Toolkit CSx" is by mistake selected as the target application instead of FM.




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            frameexpert Level 4

            Regarding Roman's response, you can add this to the top of your scripts to force the ExtendScript Toolkit to use the FrameMaker engine.


            #target framemaker



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              rombanks Level 1

              Hi Rick,


              BTW, for some reason, when a script is open in ESTK, this line does not change the target app to FM, as if ESTK ignores it.


              Best regards,


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                K.Daube Level 2

                Rick, Roman: Thank You for answers. However...
                The #target instruction has no influence in my environment. As stated in various posts I can not run scripts from the ESTK. ESTK reports a "missing link".
                For example in FM-11 I get this error when first opening ESK with File > Scripts > New Script…, then opening the script in ESTK and run it.
                I get the same error when trying to do so with FM-12 or FM-13:FM13-ESTK6-target-error.png

                Hence I have the script open in my editor (EditPad Pro 7), save it. Then in FM I open the script catalgoue, refresh and run the script.
                IMHO the current problem is in the FM-10/11 engine. But I do not undestand the connection between FM ($HOME\ExtendScript.DLL) and C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Utilities - CS6\ExtendScript Toolkit CS6 (which reports ESTK version

                On my wife's mini-PC (small screen, slow)   with only 1 FM version installed, I can run scripts with ESTK . But I need to test in various FM versions ...


                Probably this ESTK version is to high for FM-10/11 (for the current problem) and I must find means to test with the lower versions (CS5:; CS4: Unfortunately I have no success with virtual machines - they are awfully slow on my machine (ThinkPad T400 with docked peripherals). So my test environment may not be clean enough.

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                  K.Daube Level 2

                  I have found the source of the problem:

                  In OpenTemplate I open an FM12 file - there is no adeaquate error-handling for this

                  • Having changed the script-ini file to read a MIF-12 file instead, everything is OK
                  • However this creates a lot of error entries in the console log of FM-10 which will annoy the user.
                  • Hence I have to provide individual files (versions FM10 ... FMcurrent)
                  • Better yet, i provide an FM10 version of the template file. This does not create open error thanks to GetTplParams which sets (among others)
                  • j = GetPropIndex(params, Constants.FS_FileIsOldVersion); 
                      params[j].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoOK;

                  So my problem is solved! Thanks for listening!