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    Hue on a android phone?


      can i use my android phone for hue?

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          jomarielawrence Adobe Community Professional



          Not quite yet. Sorry about that. It's a brand new app. The team does know about this request, so thank you for your patience! We haven't forgotten about Android users. Shape, Brush, and Color are available for Android now! Please stay tuned!





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            georg_ekg Level 1

            Hi jomairelawrence!

            From beginning, I'm following this discussion about Adobe Hue on Android devices and now, after a month and a half, your answer to this question is like a pattern. Now, after a while, this app isn't such "new" and we already know that "team does know about this request" but no one from Adobe said anything about: does "team doing anything" about this request? Also, I'd like to know why only Adobe Hue isn't available for Android and all other mobile apps are available? It is a little bit annoying for us - Adobe users, that Adobe always gives an advantage to Apple users.

            Thank you!

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              bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

              Hi Aleksandar,


              We have heard Android requests loud & clear. We can't answer questions about when apps are coming out, but please know that we haven't forgotten about Android. Thanks for your patience and please stay tuned!



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