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    Dotted Lines as outline for dynamically created shapes?

      Hey all, I'm building a site whose flat, vector shapes need an outline of a dotted line.

      The majority of these shapes are simply rectangles with rounded corners. All are created dynamically.

      I could do each shape's lines by hand and attach them, but I'd much rather use a script. Anyone have any suggestions? :) I could use a good jump-start on tackling this.

      Thanks in advance -
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if you're attaching rectangles created in the authoring environment, create them with a dotted border. if you're creating your rectangles with the drawing api (with rounded corners), i don't see an easy way to draw dotted rounded corners.
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            injpix Level 3
            Yeah I agree, this is not an easy task. However senocular has a package that you can download that will get you pretty close to your goal. So if you download the zip here;


            …and comment out and modify the code in the fla as the following;

            import com.senocular.drawing.*;

            // create ProgressiveDrawing instance to draw in _root
            //var myDrawing:ProgressiveDrawing = new ProgressiveDrawing(_root);

            // create DashedLine instance to draw in myDrawing (ProgressiveDrawing)
            // use random dash sizes
            var myDash:DashedLine = new DashedLine(this, 35, 35);

            // reset linestyle to random size and color
            myDash.lineStyle(5, 0xFF0000, 100);

            // draw a circle in the myDash instance
            circle(myDash, 150,150, 200,200, true);

            // because all myDash drawings were added to myDrawing,
            // myDrawing will draw a dashed circle when draw is called

            …this will create a constant circle with a dashed line versus creating a random circle. You can obviously change the values on that frame which will change the color and spacing between the dashes (and a few other parameters will change others). If you notice the circle(), this is created also on the first frame but on a different layer. This is where you would want to change your shapes. Just create another layer that will contain a different shape. I hope this helps, regardless have a high regard for senocular and other developers that contributed to this package.