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    Sharing a catalogue between computers

    Tony4x4 Level 1

      Hi there,


      We are using Lightroom CC and have 2 macs and are needing to be able to work on the same catalogue.

      We don't necessarily need to work at the same time but be able to access the same catalogue.

      I tried just to access the catalogue from the 2nd computer but says Lightroom can't run on shared, network, removable or read only drives?


      How do other photographers have multiple staff work on a single catalogue. I understand if you can't work on it at the same time but I would like to at least have "timeshare" of the catalogue?


      If we have grown beyond the capabilities of Lightroom any suggestions would also be appreciated.


      Thanks for your input and / or advise.



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It would be great if the catalogue could be on the network, but by version 6 we're still waiting....


          Probably the best way is to put the catalogue on an external hard drive which you attach to whatever computer is using it. Or you can put it on Dropbox, but must wait for Dropbox's sync process to complete.


          Another alternative is for one of you to hold the catalogue on the internal drive. If the other person needs to process a certain job, File > Export as Catalog can create a small catalogue of that job. When the other person finishes with it, File > Import from Another Catalog brings the work into your main catalogue, matching up the metadata and adjustments to the existing photos.


          Your pictures can be on the network though.


          One last idea is that LrMobile allows someone else to make adjustments on a tablet, and they appear in your catalogue after a short delay. It's a fair guess to imagine that something along these lines might be extended to real computers before too long.