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    Vista RTM - IE 7 Problems

      Has anyone been able to successfully record web sessions using Captivate or Captivate 2 on Internet Explorer 7 or windows Vista. We have two identical laptops (Dell Latitude D-820) with the exact same configuration. One is running XP and IE 6 and works great. The other is running Vista RTM and IE 7. The Vista machine does not record full motion video (shows up as black boxes) and when capturing web sessions it will make a snapshot of the starting screen and never move forward. If I click outside of IE 7, the snapshot processes properly.

      Does anyone know if Captivate is compatible with Vista?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          I just saw another thread on the same subject and it appears that others are reporting a wide variety of problems, from 'black screen" captures to lock-ups when using full-motion mode.

          Seems there might be serious issues with IE7 ( but not Vista -it is XP SP2). I'll do some more checking but it seems to me that IE7 and Captivate are not compatible.