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    Free Yourself from the Play Button!

      Hi all!

      One of the annoying things I've found with Breeze is having to repeatedly click the "play" button as I advance through a large presentation. After a while, your mouse pointer can easily drift off that little button. Here's a quick workaround which allows you to click anywhere in your presentation and get the same effect:

      Make a blank Flash module and add this code to frame one:

      _root.m_contentView.onRelease = function () {

      ...that's it! Now, just stick the *.swf module on the first slide of your PPT presentation, and compile it to Breeze. Click anywhere on the "stage" to get the same effect as clicking the play button (your control bar and side bar will work as usual). There is a downside to this, though: it overrides any interactive items (buttons, Flash modules, quiz questions, etc.) you may already have in your presentation.


      ~Marc B