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    Future of CPS

      So I'm not sure what the future is of CPS and Contribute 4 but I do have some suggestions if Macromedia is indenting to release another version of CPS.

      Central administration of groups and permissions from the CPS web interface
      So this means being able to create roles and having them apply across all of your sites automatically from the web interface eliminating the need to go site by site by site to configure everything.

      Central administration of users from CPS web interface
      Being able to add/remove users from a site using the web-based interface would once again eliminate the need to login to Contribute site by site to add/remove users.

      Central Administration of sites from the web interface
      Being able to create sites through the web-based interface and setup a configuration template so you don't need to re-enter data such as SFTP account info, default roles, etc.

      Web-based draft view
      Login to the CPS web interface, select a user and be able to pull up what drafts they currently have in which site and an activity log

      Contribute Client
      Make it possible to sort site list alphabetically.