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    click event no longer works

      In my project, the "click" event no longer shows up on items for which it should. A button, for example.

      When I create a new button, and try to enter the script for "on click" in the properties view, I get "The value you have entered for this property is invalid". When I try to create a button and script, the "click" property doesn't show up anymore, as I mentioned earlier.

      I have about 12 viewstates, and some are nested 3 deep.

      I'm new to flex, and it seems that after I get so far into what I'm trying to do at that time, things start happening. It seems like there are a few bugs.

      Furthermore, when I click "OK", then try to delete the on click text, I get the message again, then, after clicking ok, the button will disappear, and a 1px black border outline remains on the design view. It's very annoying.