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    Preloader Woes

      I have building a flash video player app and have pretty much completed it and wanted to add a preloader. I added a new scene in front of the 'main' one called it 'loader'. I put some code that checks for bytes loaded and and waits for an XML to load with setInterval. The loader works fine *I've stepped through every action* when it gets to my main scene it runs all the init code fine (setting some variables and functions that are on frame 1). BUT any time it gets to a function that is not on frame 1 it just skips it.


      setInterface(); //runs fine properly jumps to the function
      sliderBox.slider.loadModules(); // gets skipped does not get executed

      before I added the other scene and the loader code the loadModules() function executed fine. I've tried _root.sliderBox.slider.loadModules() and nothing. Whats strange is code that is on objects in the movie but not in functions still run but not the functions them selves. Does something weird happen to variable scope when I add another scene?