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    How Do I Transfer the license to a client?


      If I build a web site for a client in muse and use some stock footage from adobe stock. Per the section below. How do I transfer the licenses to my client?


      http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/legal/servicetou/Adobe_Stock_Terms_en_US-2 0150313_hpc.pdf

      2.4 Client Use. You may use the license granted under this Agreement for the benefit ofone of your clients, provided that you must transfer all your license to your client and your client must comply with these terms and comply with all license and use restrictions. You are solely responsible and liable for any and all use of the Work by your client. You must purchase additional licenses for the same Wark if you intend to use the same Work for the benefit of other client


      Thanks in advance.