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    ACR 8.8 no longer remembers my selections

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      After upgrading to ACR 9.0, I and others had problems with Convert to DNG when using the Photo Downloader that is invoked when you push the "Camera" button on Bridge.  See this link/thread for details:


      Convert to dng grayed out


      The consensus for non-CC users was to go back to ACR 8.8 until Adobe fixed the problem.  Well, I did that and I can now Convert to DNG when I download.  I do, however, have one new issue.  Prior to upgrading to ACR 9.0, my selections in the Downloader were remembered from session to session, e.g. the path to download to, whether to start Bridge at the end, Convert to DNG checkbox, Copyright info, and maybe one or two others.  Now, in 8.8, none of these selections are remembered from session to session.


      Is there anyway to get the Photo Downloader to remember my choices?


      I'm using CS6 on a Mac Mini Running 10.10.3.




      Kevin H.