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    Downloading Flash Plyer issue with Browser detection, will not allow download for different Browser

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      G'day Folks,


      As a Service Technician I find it a nusence trying to download the different installers for the IE and Firefox browsers.

      If I am in Firefox the downloader automatically detects the Firefox browser and will download the Non-IE version, OK so far.

      However it will never, that is while I am using Firefx, allow me to download the Flash Player for IE and I need to change to IE to do so.


      Can we do something about this so that we can download any \Floash Player while using any Browser please.


      So we can go to - http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html Good when you know this, however not many Users do and there is no mention of this hyperlink in the download !!!



      Roger H