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    Create editable PDF where end-user can re-position text fields


      Hi All, I have recently downloaded a trial version of Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Pro and have been playing around with the Interactive PDF components to be able to produce Editable PDFs

      I have followed numerous tutorials online which all discuss creating PDF forms in InDesign and/or Acrobat Pro.

      I have come across a PDF document (which looks like it was created with Adobe InDesign CS6) which when opened in Acrobat Reader, not only has editable (when you double click) text fields but also allows the end user to re-position / re-size the text fields should they desire.(see screenshot)

      Does anyone know how to achieve this using InDesign and/or Acrobat Pro?? (or any other piece of software) I have searched and searched for a solution but can't find one anywhere.

      2015-07-03 15_58_02-Downloads.png