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    Game Development Help

      Hi friends,

      I'm trying to create a game for my website using Adobe Flash CS3. The game takes place in a river, with two castles on either side. The player, on the left, tries to build boats to ram the enemy castle, and the computer tries to build boats to ram your castle.

      There are five buttons. "BuySloop", "BuySchooner" , "BuyFrigate", "Produce Resources", and "Wind"

      Produce Resources increases the variable "resourcevalue" by 10 every time it is pressed. This part works.

      BuySloop, BuySchooner, and BuyFrigate spawn the respective ships at the base when pressed. This part works.

      Wind is the part I'm having trouble with. I'm trying to make it so it increases the x value of all the ships on the field with every click. So the ship spawns, I press "Wind". Nothing happens. The ship doesnt budge. I have a feeling it has something to do with the setProperty, because I tested the variables and they should be working.

      Many thanks,
      Frodo of www.nerdworks.info