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      Please help me.


      I've got a problem with After Effects. I don't hear the music that i put in AE. Thats really annoying. By the way : I'm using AE 2015

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          Are you trying to play a preview in the preview panel? If you preview with the regular play button closer to the left, it will play the video, but won't play any sound.


          There is a button on the far right of the preview panel called RAM Preview. It looks like the Play button, but with a few extra lines. It's just 5 buttons to the right of the play button. If you use that to preview your video clip, you'll get sound.


          Unfortunately, it's a little tricky to use, depending on how much of the timeline (the green line) you're allowed to render and play. I'm still a beginner, trying to figure this program out myself. Best of luck to us both.