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    AE CC 2014/15 - No DV-Output (Premiere works)

    theater regensbur



      i just installed two new Computers to work with the Adobe CC.

      One is a MacPro 3,1, with Win7 Pro SP1 64Bit on Bootcamp. I don't want to use OSX anymore, as all our computers now are Win7

      When I connect a DV-Cam (different ones), I can capture the video in Premiere CC2015, and can output video in Premiere CC2015.

      In AfterEffects 2015 (and 2014) I don't get any signal to the cam.

      I activated MercuryTransmit and AdobeDV (which is the only choice showing up), and also tried already different settings for AdobeDV.

      Of course I tried different modes for preview (as fast draft and wireframe is mentioned not to work with mercury transmit).


      The comp size is the same as the connected DV-Cam works with.


      This problem is the same on both computers.

      The second computer is a new HP ZBook, without any firewire-port. I bought the apple Thunderbolt-Firewire-Adapter. Here, I can capture video from the cams to premiere, but I don't get out any video, in Premiere and after effects. But I thint, this is due to the thunderbolt-adapter.