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    Can we make Publish Online better?

    badassdesigner Level 1

      Is this the best place for this?


      Publish Online is a great idea and I'd like to use it for proofing jobs to clients; but at the moment it's a bit crap.


      1/ placed EPSs appear very low res and pixelated - I can not show a proof to a client looking like that.


      2/ small documents (like business cards, for example) fill the screen and there's no way to zoom out. This also exacerbates the point made in 1/


      3/ it's not obvious to the (often inexperienced) viewer how to move to the next page in the document, or even that there is another page


      4/ why can't it make and upload a PDF or PDF-like file and display it in the browser in a way the client can't download it*. That way the client can zoom in to check stuff carefully without loss of quality.


      5/ as it is, I'm unsure as to what Publish Online is for


      *It's important that the client can't download, because they have been known to steal artwork and take it to another printer!