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    Problems installing X3 Japanese

      I have downloaded the RoboHelp X3 Japanese trial version, to evaluate if we can build japanese manuals using this. However, I can't get it installed on my system, and would appreciate any ideas on what could be the problem.

      I have a Japanese Windows XP. I've installed a Japanese Microsoft Office XP. I then run the robohelp x3 trial installer, and go through the usual dialogs, but when it is about to start installing the files I get an Error dialog with a big red X. Clicking OK in that, I get another error dialog mentioning something about -1603 and (Msi.chm) which I interpret as something not quite right with the msi-installer in conjunction with my system.

      The weird thing is I manages to get the japanese RH X3 trial installed on an English Windows XP system, but then it failed to open a japanese RH X3 project that was sent to my by our translation agency.

      Also, when running the installer on the japanese system, the fonts look really strange. Many characters are substituted by question marks.

      Any ideas?