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    CC 2015 rubber banding of layers and vertical lines in timeline

    Dave Bode



      Like many others, I am experiencing many troubling issues with AE and Premiere in this latest CC 2015 update. I have many problems with audio scrubbing, previewing audio, slow keyboard response, wacky playback issues with looping and being unresponsive to input, and such. All of those are on the known issues page.


      Another issue I have been having is when I am making adjustments to keyframe or layer timing (clicking and dragging them forward or backward in time on the timeline) they will often jump after the mouse button has been released. I can't get this to repeat with any regularity, but it happens every few minutes... or sometimes several times in a row. Sometimes when it happens the timeline panel displays a different portion of the timeline, as if I had scrolled up with the mouse wheel, and then jumps back to what I was working on a second later.

      I am also experiencing an issue with vertical lines being in the timeline on playback. This happens most of the time.

      After Effects Timeline Vertical Lines.jpg

      Here are my system specs:

      Premiere Pro CC 2015

      Win 7 64bit (up to date)

      i7 970

      24GB Ram

      NVIDIA 970GTX (driver up to date)

      500GB SSD

      2TB internal

      2 x 4TB internal

      3TB internal

      12TB RAID 5 via USB 3.0

      USB 2.0 and 3.0 drives

      FireWire audio device (M-AUDIO FireWire1814)... although, I am not using it for playback. It is connected.

      Footage is H.264, AI Files, JPG Stills, solids, and no third party plugs.