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    Hiding topics by customer

    klhanten Level 1
      I am using RoboHelp X5 and I output WebHelp. I have a client that wants to host the help for its customers on its server. However, because their customers can greatly customize the application, one help won't work for all customers unless it is so generic that it isn't all that useful. They asked if there was a way to use one help, but hide certain topics from customers. So, for example, when Acme company users access the help they would see the Widgets book in the TOC, but users from other companies would not. I told them, no, there was no way to have one help that could hide topics that way. I hope I wasn't lying! Is there a way this can be done that is beyond me?

      Instead, I said we could apply build tags to the help and then output different helps for each customer. The developers would than have to point each customer's app to the correct help.

      However, I told them I would check this forum to see if others have found a way to use only one help and hide or show topics by something such as role, permissions, etc.

      Thanks for your help!