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    Annoying Creative Cloud Pop Up

    pakram Level 1

      Updated to CC 2015 once it came out. Now every time my MacBook Pro wakes up from sleep, changes wifi, or reboots... the creative cloud pop up appears, covering a significant portion of my screen  with an advertisement Behance or Creative Cloud 2015. (As if we don't see enough ads online as it is) It happens so frequently that I am becoming increasing annoyed by it's mere presence. I don't even know why it needs to open at all unless I invoke it? Adobe, do the right thing and stop the maddness.

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          Pattie-F Level 7



          Please try updating the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop App to the latest version.It should take care of this.



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            pakram Level 1

            Thanks Pattie, I updated and will see how it goes. I read the change log with that release note just now.


            Secondary Question: The preferences for keep Creative Cloud Desktop App Updated is checked. Should it not keep it's self updated without me manually updating Creative Cloud? I assumed that I had the latest version. With the lack of a "Check for updates" button in the preference, and no mention of the current version number on the product page How is anyone to know they are actually out of date?

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              At the time of your post, I believe the latest version of CC was "Version released on 6/14/2015 and updated on 6/15/2015"


              a) what on earth are Adobe doing breaking version numbers by having an "updated" version you can't update and keep the same version number... that makes no sense.

              b) this issue was definitely still occurring after updating to that version

              c) there was another update since your post "Version released on 7/7/2015", but the very first thing that happened after my CC updated (just a few minutes ago) was it popping up annoyingly and stealing focus. This is not a good sign.

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                pakram Level 1

                Adobe appears to be doing some strange things with version numbers. As of July 3rd the version number was 2.1.?.114. That version has now been replaced with Version released on 7/7/2015 (yesterday) The change log seems to be the same or similar as the .114 version. Talk about confusing and difficult to track. The .121 release is not poping up for me. So you may want to restarting your computer or as a last resort, reinstalling the CC desktop app.

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                  drfrogsplat Level 1

                  Yep, I've got—I don't know if I ever had 2.1.?.114, which is not mentioned in the version history!

                  Adobe also don't bother filling in the version number in the Application bundle info (tsk tsk), so I can't even go back through Time Machine to check what version I had previously.


                  It seems like they're embarrassed by their bugs in previous versions, so are hiding the screw ups of some versions instead of acknowledging and letting people see that particular versions have problems (which would be insane to support). That or their development/release processes are poorly defined/followed.


                  Either way, a bit concerning for a major software company.