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    Can I view Lightroom files on another computer?


      I've scoured the Internet for the answer, but the question is often phrased differently or the requestor is not trying to do the same thing I am.

      How can the edited versions of photos be viewed on another computer? I take the pictures and edit them in Lightroom. I then export jpegs to

      another folder so my wife can view them on her laptop. This isn't the hardest thing to do,but I frequently go back and touch up pictures, then I have to export the new copies.

      Is there a utility or software application that can view the edited photos? I installed Lightroom on her laptop, but can't figure out how to view my catalog without

      creating one on the laptop and importing everything.

      On other forums, I've seen this discussed but from the point of view of wanting to edit photos and collections on two computers. I just want to be able to view

      them wherever I happen to be (everything is backed up to OneDrive).