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    Grep Question


      Evening all.

      I'm having trouble figuring out a grep string.

      I have a word doc to use as the text for an InDesign layout. It will be over 100 pages and I want to use a grep style to automatically format the paragraph headers as I paste in the copy from word.


      The word file already has the Paragraph headers tagged by <H> then a break and then the body copy. So, for example:

      <H>This is the paragraph header

      This is the body copy


      I'm trying to figure out a grep string that will apply a style to the copy after the "<H>" and up to the para break but also delete the  "<H>" leaving only the newly formatted paragraph header , e.g. 

      This is the paragraph header

      This is the body copy

      I don't have to format the body copy as that is taken care of by the default style applied to the text frames.

      Any help appreciated.