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    filename sort in grid


      Until the most recent LR CC update when I  initiated a PS edit of a raw file from LR I would get a new file in LR with the same name "-Edit.psd".  This PS file would appear next to the RAW file in the grid.  But with the lasted LR CC update the PS files are appearing after all RAW files with a similar filename.


      For example, starting with RAW file 201505290001.nef I initiate an edit in PS.  When I save/close that file in PS I now have a new file in LR called 201505290001-Edit.psd.  Using Sort : File Name this used to place the nef and psd files next to each other.  After the most recent LR CC update the psd file appears after all 20150529xxxx.nef files.


      Any help is appreciated.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Sort by Capture Time. You may also want to have the edited images Stacked with the original.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            I have seen similar problems in LR5 with the film strip at the bottom of the Develop module. The sorting normally fixed it self by going to the Library module and then back to the Develop module. Give swapping modules a try and see if that fixes the sorting.

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              bouldercolorado Level 1

              Thank you for the suggestion, Shootisbond007.  Unfortunately it doesn't resolve the issue.  The capture time in a psd doesn't match the original raw file...or files since the psd may include several images.  So I had always resorted to using filenames YYYYMMDDHHMMSS<extention> and sorting by filename.


              The frustrating thing is this has worked since LR1...and now it doesn't.


              ManicaJoe, thanks for the suggestion - although flipping between Library and Develop doesn't change the sort order.


              I tried Adobe support but that was getting nowhere.  I may have to try again.