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    LR6: Migrating legacy keyword tags for people, to formal, region-identified people keyword tags

    photo-enthusiast Level 2

      Has anyone used named tags to identify individuals within each photo?  Thanks to the Lightroom Aperture plugin, those of us coming from Aperture have thousands or hundreds or tens of thousands of photos with tags to represent individuals we identified using "faces in Aperture".  But this question also applies to Lightroom users who tagged people in images before Lightroom 6.


      As I search my catalog to find images with particular people, I can easily use tags to select all the photos identified with that person.  And it's easy enough for *me* to pick out names and faces, now.  But archiving images is a different story, because many people may not be able to identify every individual in a group photo.


      Lightroom made an interesting choice to identify people in tags, and then classify the tag as a "people" tags or an "other" tags.  If I desired, I could "edit" the tag, and assign all my named tags as "people"/"person" tags in less than an hour.


      But If I want to assign a photo region to identify the face, then converting these tags to "people" tags becomes less valuable.


      I can't find a way to simultaneously use the same legacy tag as a new "person" tag (by checking the box in the "edit" keyword dialog), without giving up the ability to filter and see what image/individual combination has the new region applied, and what has not, as I sequentially "tag" people using the the new region identification system.


      Anyone else attempting doing the same?