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    Premiere Elements doesn't start maximized




      I runs on Windows7 64 bit.


      I have just acquired Premiere Elements 13, after having also the v9.0 who posed the same problem.


      When I start the application, the window doesn't maximize. It opens always like on the image below:


      Premiere Elements 13 - non maximisé.jpg


      I do not have the taskbar at the bottom (I have it on the top of the screen because I find it more logical), but when I start Premiere Elements I do not have access to the menu bar. I am then forced to unlock my windows taskbar, slide it sideways or down and only then I can maximize the window.


      I also tried to put "maximized" in the properties of the executable, but nothing Premiere Elements always opens in non-maximized window.

      And Windows + up arrow does not fully maximizes the window and if I click on the Maximize icon, the windows goes under Window's Task bar.


      Is there a way to open Premiere Elements in maximized window?


      Thanks for your replies.


      PS: Photoshop Elements 13 opens maximized and all my applications open maximized.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          When you open Premiere Elements 13, are you opening to the Welcome Screen where you have the choice of Organizer or Video Editor/New Project? I am assuming that you are not talking about the Welcome Screen but rather the Expert or Quick workspaces of the opened project. I know of no way to resize the Welcome Screen.


          Go to the Expert workspace of the opened project and look to the lower right point of its workspace. Get your mouse cursor in position at that point and try to get the mouse cursor as a diagonal line with an arrow at either end of the line. Click drag that at that point in that mouse configuration to resize the workspace. The top right configuration of the icon between - and x should look like the following when you are resizing the workspace.

          window resize.JPG

          There should be no problems opening the workspace to a maximized workspace.


          Please review, consider, and let us know the outcome as your schedule permits.


          Thank you.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Add On note...


            In the USA, Premiere Elements 13 workspaces are eLive, Quick, Guided, and Expert. Typically eLive is not available in certain parts of the world. I see eLive absent from your screenshot, so I make this mention. Nothing to be done. Just use the Help Menu/ under the Expert or Quick workspaces.


            Also, have you updated 13 to 13.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates? If not, please consider doing that.



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              Berlinois Level 1



              Sorry for not being more specific (english is not my native language and I use a translator, shame on me )


              I don't open the Welcome screen anymore, I checked the option to open directly the video editor (wich I call the application).


              The problem is that the window opens under the task bar from Windows 7, wich I have inverted to place it on the top of the screen (I consider this more logical to navigate into the menus from top to bottom).


              And more annoying, I don't have access to the menus of Premiere Elements (or the three icons on the right (minize, maximize, close).


              If I want to maximize the window from Premiere or access to the menus from Premiere Elements, I must unlock my task bar, slide it to one side or to the bottom, only then I have access to the menus of Premiere Elements and be able to maximize the window to fill the screen. Then I can put my Windows 7's task bar on the top of the screen and lock it, like I used to do.


              But everytime I open Premiere Elements, I have to do the same manipulations.


              I have tried anything that cross my mind, close it when maximized, change the properties of the executable by choosing "maximized window", etc.. nothhing work.


              I know, it's not a big deal, but I had the same problem with Premiere Elements v9.0. and I'm surprised to see that this bug (at least for me) is still present.



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                Berlinois Level 1

                You're right, I have only the choice between Quick, Guided or Expert.


                And, the updating is the first thing I do when I install a new program, so I have the 13.1 version installed (premiere elements en photoshop elements).



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  All the details that I needed were in the screenshot that you posted at the very beginning in your introductory thread issue description.


                  My apologizes for not seeing it then. I went back to re-read your thread, and then I saw immediately.


                  You have the computer taskbar at the top of the window and not the bottom. I have found that, for Premiere Elements 9 or 13 to be manageable, you need to work with the computer taskbar at the bottom of the window. So, please consider clicking and dragging the taskbar from the top of the window to the bottom. I have not looked at right or left possibilities, only top or bottom. The usual placement of the taskbar at the bottom of the window should take care of your 9 and 13 issues in this regard.


                  If you have the taskbar at the bottom of the computer window, you should have no problems with maximizing windows and getting at the menus that you need within Premiere Elements workspace.


                  Please consider the above, and then let me know your comments.


                  Thank you.



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                    Berlinois Level 1



                    No problems, I should have write in english in the capture of my screen.


                    I have seen that if my W7's task bar is at the bottom, I can access on the icons of minimize, maximize and close. But like I said, I prefer to have the W7's task bar at the top of the screen because I find it more logical to descent through the menus.


                    I just found odd that all my applications (libreoffice, chrome, thunderbird, etc.. even Photoshop Elements (v9 or v13) open directly maximized, only Premiere Elements doesn't.


                    It's no big deal, it is just a little pain in the a.. to do all these manipulations (sliding to the side, clicking on the icon, repositionning the task bar at the top) and that it hasn't been corrected since the last version I had (the v9). Perhaps nobody has considered this as a problem and maybe I should write to adobe so they can adress this issue with an update (one can always dream ).


                    I wonder if Premiere CC has also this problem.


                    But anyway, thanks for your answers and your time (it must have been difficult to understand my poor english).

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the reply.


                      What I lost in the translation was that you were aware of the "bottom" versus "top" placement of the taskbar and the Premiere Elements Editor consequences. And, you just wanted to override that situation with your preference for "top".


                      You are correct in that you do not run into this problem in Photoshop Elements 13/13.1 Editor and its Elements Organizer 13/13.1. I do not use Premiere CC. But, I suspect that it does not present this type of situation based on my limited contact with Premiere Pro 2.0.


                      If you are interested, there is an Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Form that you might want to submit to Adobe on this matter.

                      Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


                      Not sure if you noticed before....Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 are standalone products, each coming with Elements Organizer 13. When the two are on the same computer, they share the same Elements Organizer 13. Now for the interesting matter, Photoshop Elements 13 and Elements Organizer 13, do not have your problem when you move the taskbar to the top of the windows, whereas Premiere Elements 13 Editor does.


                      Best wishes



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                        Berlinois Level 1



                        Thanks for the adress for reporting bugs.


                        I'll submit this issue to Adobe abd see what they'll answer.


                        Once again thank tou.