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    mac or pc?


      I've recently started using premiere pro and I"m just wonder, what system is best to use? pc or mac? what is your opinion.

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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Judging by the number of problems reported via this forum, I would go for a PC.

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            cc_merchant Level 4

            MAC = Mainly Apple Computer. Apple decides what is good for you. You have no say in it. Because Apple decides, they also charge a decision making fee.


            PC = Personal Computer. You and nobody else decides what is good for you. Because you decide, you also keep the decision making fee for your self.


            Take the 'Trashcan'. Apple decides you need an AMD video card. You have no say in it. Even if you know nVidia is the better option for CC, that is not an option. Apple has decided so. EOS.


            MAC's are like hookers ... they look sexy but after you have paid the price, you wonder whether it was a wise decision.


            The decision making fee Apple charges is around 40 - 50%. If you buy a Personal Computer and you pay $ 2000 with all your chosen components, CPU, mobo, memory, video card, disks, etc.you will find that a similarly equipped MAC will cost almost $ 3000, a 50% decision fee extra. Or, alternatively, if you spend $ 3000 on a MAC, then for the same amount you would get a much better performing PC with better choices of components.


            Bang for the buck wise, MAC's are a lousy investment. The Mac Pro for instance costs around $ 10,000 properly configured and a Warrior PC costs around $ 4,800. The Warrior PC outperforms the Mac Pro for far less money. See What kind of PC to use? and scroll down to the table with some suggested builds. It is somewhat out-of-date but the principle still holds.