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    Failure to publish WebHelp Pro

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      When I publish my project to a server that hosts RoboEngine, RH takes a long time to do anything, but eventually fails and crashes. The message I receive in the display window at the bottom of the RH interface reads as follows:

      Warning: Failed to publish to "Server". reason: Failed to connect to server.

      I am using my own account (with administrator rights on the remote server) and password to connect to the server. The server itself [u running--I can connect to it remotely without a problem. Also, we can rule out corruption--I created a new single-topic project and encountered the same problem.

      This worked fine just five weeks ago. Any ideas?
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          IT folks just love to move things, rename things, and adjust group lists without alerting anyone. When it's brought to their attention, they reluctantly discover the problem, fix it, then tell you it should now work (without any apology).
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            After more research, I discovered that the last mod our LAN guys made to the server had to do with the firewalls. These are almost certainly the cause of the problem, and we'll be looking to rectify it later this week. Using FTP to create a new project folder "works" in the sense that I can create a new folder in the "Projects" folder, but RoboEngine doesn't pick up on the folder as a new project. I'm reasonably confident that I could use the FTP function to overwrite/update the contents of an existing project, but I'm not going to try it unless no other option is available.
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              Follow-up: I deleted the password that was saved in the layout and entered my current password. The most likely sequence is this one:

              1. My password expired on the server.
              2. I changed the password during a remote session connection, but did not connect the dots, so I didn't change the password saved to the WebHelp Pro layout.
              3. Several weeks went by before I tested the publishing feature again, so I forgot what I had done in step 2.

              I have a strong suspicion that I tried changing the layout password after I first discovered this issue, but it's possible that (a) I entered the wrong password or (b) my memory is faulty. Regardless, the project publishes correctly now, and the mystery has been removed (somewhat).