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    Web Browser in SWF?

      Can you build a web browser that is contained within an SWF file? Here's what I'm shooting for:

      1. Building a scavenger hunt that asks learners to answer a question by browsing the company Intranet.
      2. The first approach was to use frames - Question and answers in top frame, web page navigation in bottom frame
      BUT - some pages in the intranet load/refresh the _top or _parent property and jump us out of our frameset. The questions and answer are no longer there, it's just a browser, cats and dogs sleeping together . . . you get the picture.

      SO, we're trying to find a way to control the loading of pages in the bottom frame when those pages are set to fill the entire frameset (_top or _parent). We're looking into some of other options with HTML/JavaScript, but also want to explore any options in Flash.

      Can you browse web pages from within an SWF? - all self-contained? - no browser? I know you can control browser behaviors from Flash, but that's not what I'm asking for here.

      I searched on Flashkit.com and found some examples, but none of them worked. I searched the knowledgebase and this forum, but haven't found any difinitive approach to creating a "Flash browser".

      The advantage of the Flash browser is that we can create the browser to have a question and answer area at the top and a web page area at the bottom. Theoretically - when a page that is set to load the entire browser window is navigated to it will only fill the page area in the Flash browser.

      Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, criticisms? Thanks.
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          Creating a Flash-based web browser so that you can control its behavior strikes me as major overkill. But, if you find/figure out anything, would you post it here? I have an occasional wild hair to create a Flash OS (running on a hardware JVM, so as to avoid writing a supporting OS for the flash player), and one obvious required app would be a web browser.

          As to the solution of your problem, could you use entirely different windows? I think that JavaScript should be able to resize browser windows at will, and it's definitely able to open pages at will. Why not just have two windows open at the same time, each taking up half the screen?