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    Issue with Lightroom/Photoshop integration using a NAS network drive (OS X)


      Hi everyone,


      I recently switch from Windows to Mac. Unfortunately, this switch has lead into a problem which was not present on Windows. I am using Lightroom CC 2015 in combination with Photoshop CC 2015. All my photos are stored on a network drive (Synology NAS) which is accessed by the Mac via AFP. Now, while normal editing is not a problem, the integration of Lightroom and Photoshop does not work anymore in both directions: Using "Edit in Photoshop" in Lightroom opens the file in Photoshop, but when I save the file in Photoshop it is not imported back to Lightroom correctly. Instead, Lightroom always gives a warning that the file is missing.


      The problem seems to be that Lightroom takes the full network path and assumes that is is included in the filename (separated by colons), and in addition Lightroom assumes that the file itself is stored directly in the Photoshop application folder. For example, the filename looks like "home:pictures:somepictures:thisisthepicture_edited.tif", and Lightroom tries to open the file from the Photoshop application folder.


      Does anybody else has this problem and maybe also has a solution for this?


      Best regards,