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    Problem with contribute 3.11/flashpaper 2 printer driver

      I have problem with the contribute 3.11 and flashpaper 2 printer driver. When I try to install it to my lab under domain enviroment, that mean multi user will use the same computer with differ user right. The problem is, when user with admin right log into the domain and left click on any file the first time, contribute install a new flahspaper driver, eg. macromedia flashpaper, macromedia flashpaper (copy 1), macromedia flashpaper (copy 2) etc...another problem is, when the user with domain user right login the computer, when they left click on any file the first time, contribute try to install the flashpaper printer driver for them, but since they are not allow to install any printer driver, the message," you do not have primission to install the printer driver etc" pop up and it only pop up once.

      Are there anyone have the same problem? Anyone know how to fix it? Thank you for the help in advance.