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    How to directly crop multiple instances of a PDF in Indesign without using frame borders


      Hi All,

      I have filled an Indesign (CS5.5) document with PDF's using Data Merge.

      I would like to increase the overall size of some of them by inserting a facing page, and put some of the PDF on each side, with appropriate cropping.


      Surely I can do this by duplicating the frame, and using the frame border to crop.  However this seems to require quite some fiddling around, in order to resize the frame and maintain the scale of the PDF.


      Ideally, I would be able to crop each copy of the actual PDF *in Indesign*, but when I try this (deliberately avoiding the "Edit Original"), it seems to open the linked PDF in Acrobat and any cropping will then be applied to all instances of the PDF (I'll avoid the phrase "destructively", as of course PDF cropping in Acrobat is (sometimes notoriously) not permanent).


      Is there any way to do the cropping without using the frame borders, and without making multiple copies of the PDF?


      Many thanks, MT