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    Countdown Timer End Behavior

      I'm using the countdown behavior to add a 5:00 minute countdown to a game. The game has conntestants answering questions that are displayed one after the other. At the end of 5 minutes (the countdown timer reaches 0) I need the playhead to jump to a marker so I can play a sound sprite (buzzer) and display a PNG file sprite on screen ("Times Up!")

      I can't figure out how to set up the Lingo to check if timer = 0 then go to marker "TimesUp"
      Or where to apply this behavior (on the timer or on some other sprite?)

        • 1. Countdown Timer End Behavior
          ChrisRucci Level 1
          More info:
          I've set up the Countdown Timer Behavior to send a message ("Times_Up")
          Maybe I set up another behavior on the timer sprite to recieve that message and then gotoframe (whatever)???
          Or should I send the message to movie script and setup a behavior there?