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    Cross Domain Data Integration


      I have an issue on hand. I have an swf which is deployed in a SERVER.This is file gets the data by pinging a Servlet which is there in another DOMAIN. The xmls are also loaded from that DOMAIN(where the servlet is running.).

      I have put a crossdomain.xml in the DOMAIn where the servlet is running and I am able to load the xmls from there.But I am unable to send values to the Servlet using loadVars.sendAndLoad() method.I have gone through some documentation about the same issues.But I could not figure out an easy way out.

      I have tried using a Proxy Servlet(like told in the Adobe Technotes), but failed to communicate between the servelets properly.
      Please help me in this issue as it has a direct impact on my project dead line.

      Note: I am using Flash 8 and publishing in the same profile.

      Thanks and Regards.