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    Text Bounding Box


      I am having a problem with founding out the x and y position of dynamic text. I have a flash movie which allows users to type out some text, change font, size, bold, italic etc and then move it around within a restricted area. The users then save their design which saves all the information about there design in a database.

      The problem is the x and y position of the text saved in the database is actually the x and y position of the bounding box which is quite a way out from the actual text. This causes a lot of problems when trying to re-create their design using a different system. This also causes problems as the difference between the x and y of the bounding box and the actual x and y differs massively between different fonts and sizes etc.

      Basically I have to find out the actual x and y of the text and not the bounding box. I have noticed actionscript 3 has a feature which would solve all my problems but obviously this is no good for me now as I need my movie as accessible as possible.

      I have a feeling there is no straight forward answer to this question but I seriously need some sort of solution to this problem.

      Thanks in advance
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          You could use the textHeight and textWidth property to determine the X and Y values.
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            oddys Level 1

            Cheers for your reply, this sounds interesting, I take it the textWidth and textHeight give the actual text width and height and not that of the bounding box.

            This would allow me to find out what the total margin is around the text before the bounding box but i will not know how much of it is on the top and how much is on the bottom because the text is not always in the middle of the bounding box, it moves up and down between fonts.

            Any other suggestions?

            Thanks again,