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    Lightroom CC: problems with "normal" import vs. working "folder" import


      The problem MAY be related to my new 64GB Sandisk extrem pro sd-card, before, I was using 32GB Transcend cards, not sure whether it's related, though:

      in LR CC import section, on top of the list is the button "D5300", which stands for the inserted SD card from my Nikon D5300 (sorry, but I'm lacking the terms, but I hope you understand what I mean)

      Clicking on that button opened the preview pane of all pictures on the card, previews were generated pretty fast. NOW, with the Sandisk, preview pictures are created extremely slow AND not all pictures on the card are displayed, especially new ones. Sometimes, previews are not generated at all.

      (Remark: the Transcend is - measured! - about 2.5 times faster in read mode than my previous cards - AND: options choosing what to import (only new pictures, all pictures etc.) are properly chosen.


      BUT: when I do not use the "D5300 button" on top, but instead manually browse to the path of the SD-card in the dialog-boxes below the "button" and select "browse subfolders", then LR CC loads ALL preview pictures lightning fast, no problems at all, using this path.


      Can someone explain that behavior, please? What's the difference between clicking on the "D5300"-button and browsing to the card?


      thanks for your help, in advance!